Yamaha Dtx400k Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

Electronic drum kits have improved a lot since their invention. Today, they are more refined and easier to learn than ever. Most electronic drum kits are suited for beginners because of their design and overall performance. One great example of such a kit is the DTX400K set from Yamaha, which has a lot of built-in features ideal for use as an entry-level kit.

So, what are the benefits of using the DTX400K set as a beginner?

1.Yamaha DTX400K Features Everything a Beginner Needs

DTX400K contains an impeccable collection of accessories to get one started, including kick drums, toms, hi-hats and cymbals. The set has adjustable drum thrones to achieve the perfect height, and a pair of stereo headphones for starters to listen as they play without connecting the kit to an external system. The drumsticks are also a perfect size and weight for a beginner.

2.Yamaha DTX400K Offers a Wide Range of Sounds

Because the set is electric, it has 169 professional acoustic drum and percussions sounds as well as rock and electronic tones. It gives learners an option to experiment using different noises, beats, and frequencies.

3.Yamaha DTX400K Can be Adjusted in Volume.

Like most electronic drum kits, DTX400K is ideal for those who live in small apartments or with people who hate the sound of drums since the volume can be easily adjusted. The drummer can listen to the output through the headphones, making it easy to practice anywhere, anytime without bothering anyone.

4.Yamaha DTX400K is Easy to Transport

Despite the strong frame of the Yamaha DTX400K kit, it is light and easier to transport around than most electric and acoustic drums. The set is ideal for gigging as it does not need a large vehicle to carry. It can be used soon after being unwrapped and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble.

5.Offers Improved Playability and Durability

The set has redesigned drum pads which feature a rubber surface that offers a natural response and prevents the sticks from sliding around. The pad is positioned at the same place as on acoustic drums to provide the same playing experience with improved performance. The groove tracker helps learners to pick the beat and improve it using the rhythm gate.

6.Yamaha DTX400K Features a Training Function with Interactive Voice Guidance

The interactive training function helps the beginner to improve their drumming skills without the need of a teacher. It has ten onboard songs that can be downloaded to a USB. The voice guidance system speaks out the results of each training session.

It is time to try this drum kit out!

The unique features and benefits of Yamaha DTX400K listed at http://drumkitdigital.com/yamaha-dtx400k/ provide what every entry-level drummer looks for in an electronic drum kit. With all the accessories in place, additional purchases are no longer necessary.


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