Welding Helmets: Requirement Of Every Welder

For every professional welder, welding helmet is his/her friend. No welding related work can be carried out without welding helmets as it protects their eyes from any kind of damage. Spending more time with welding helmets helps you in increasing your welding ability and results in good welding work. Welding helmets also ensure safety as it covers your face and eyes by providing a thick layer of steel. But sometime it becomes difficult for most of the welders to select appropriate welding helmet. Now days many different types and styles of welding helmets are coming in market that have auto darkening feature in them. This feature makes the helmet more efficient and effective.  You can know more about these helmets at http://weldingwolf.com/buying-guide/.

Auto darkening helmets have lens which are coated in order to protect the eyes of welder from coming in contact with ultra violet rays. These types of helmets are especially created keeping the national safety rules in mind.

Features of welding helmets

Time of switching: Time switching is one the most important factor that has to be kept in mind before buying any welding helmet. Time switching is an essential feature that all helmets must have. Here, time switching refers to time taken in transferring natural light into auto darkening technology in order to protect your eyes.

Comfort: Other factor of a welding helmet is comfort. You are going to wear the helmet all day so; it should be comfortable and easy. The helmet should not be loose nor too tight also it should be such that can easily fit in your head. Now, with the advanced technology many helmets are coming with extra padded cover for your comfort.

Sensitivity setting: A branded welding helmet always has sensitivity settings attached in the helmets. Sensitivity setting help you in fixing the auto darkening feature. Sensitivity refers to brightness that arc needs so that the auto darkening feature can be turned on.

Safety standards: While choosing the appropriate welding helmets safety standards should be kept in mind because you are purchasing the helmet for your protection. According, to the latest safety norms the helmet should be checked on the basis of auto darkening technology, sensitivity setting and lens. These tests should be done in the laboratories.


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