Twitter Bots Can Help You Combat Stagnancy… Or Not?

Finding your Twitter account stuck in a rut is not good. It means bad news for your brand because it’s a start of the downhill direction for you.

The main reason that your account is stagnant is that you’re busy. You lack the time to keep up with it.

Fortunately, a solution, in the form of Twitter bots, is yours for the taking.


Twitter bots — Twitter automation tools, as some would prefer to call them — help combat stagnancy by setting certain tasks on autopilot.

“Busy” is an excuse — and nothing but that. Because Twitter bots are around, all you need is just a few hours so your account can start posting daily for about a week. Through this arrangement, you can post Tweets, catch the interest of new people, reach out to your target, and revive your reputation.

An example situation is a brand with a year’s worth of inactivity. Since it has no longer posted Tweets for a streak of months, its previous followers had a good reason to hit the unfollow button.

And in such situation, many business owners, especially the newbies, would be discouraged to continue with it. So, they abandon it.

But with the help of Twitter bots, abandoning it is not an option. In a matter of time, it can automate Tweets, earn new followers, target specific people, and gain a new positive reputation.

Bots to Check Out

Tweet Full, TweSocial, Social10x, and Tweet Attacks Pro are some automation tools worth checking out. These are brilliant growth service-providers because they can easily help you manage your account.

When it comes to instructions, these bots are straightforward. And apart from helping you with account management, they can increase organic traffic.

Bots to Avoid

On the flip side, stay away from bots that don’t offer long-term value.

Say “no” to the acquisition of fake followers. While an increased follower count looks good on your profile, it’s practically useless. You don’t get to engage with these accounts, anyway.

Additionally, don’t be fooled by the fact that some of these bots deliver fast results. These results can go in the opposite direction a couple of months from now.

Growth Geeks seems to be one of them. Check out to read a review.


Don’t rush the decision regarding Twitter bots. Not all Twitter bots are good for business. Some can even do you harm by costing you money.

So, it’s important to watch your back. Listen to the opinions of the reliable crowd because they can fill you in on some important discussions.


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