Trends Shaping Instagram Marketing

Instagram. Yes. Every brand is on it these days. Chances are, you’re there too. But, to get the results you hope to achieve, you have to know what’s happening and how you can use it to your brand’s advantage. Well, on that note, here’s what will shape Instagram marketing this year and why you need to embrace it ASAP.

Managed Grow Companies

Make no mistake about it, you can still use bots to automate processes such as liking and commenting, but things are changing, fast. Now, you’re better off with a managed growth company to help you gain the followers you need to put your brand out there. And as Fred Harrington, an SEO & social media marketing expert says on his website, managed growth companies will give you better results in comparison to bots.

The beauty of it is that these companies come as a whole package, allowing you to automate likes and comments while helping you get real followers and engagement. In fact, Fred Harrington talks about botting and automation on the platform and the best managed growth companies to use for your marketing campaign.

Detailed Instagram Profile

Your Instagram feed will become a crucial part of your marketing efforts. Think of it in the same breath as your website’s homepage. Why? Well, statistics show that more and more people start their search for a particular brand on Instagram instead of Google. By extension, this means that you’ll need to spend time creating an appealing Instagram feed to attract the attention of potential customers.

Micro-influencer Marketing

You won’t need to have millions of followers to cash in on the trend that is micro-influencer. The secret is to keep your audience super-engaged so that when you recommend a product it’ll come across as a trusted recommendation. Unlike an influencer with a “celebrity” status, your followers will view you as an everyday consumer so you will be more trustworthy and relatable. Micro-influencer marketing is a brilliant strategy that small brands and companies with a constrained budget can use to make meaningful gains.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is fast becoming one of the best social media platforms to showcase your brand and what makes it different. However, to get the exposure you have to take your marketing plans a notch higher. And that’s why it makes perfect sense to stay informed at all times. That way, you can take advantage of the “next big thing” and stay ahead of the pack.


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