Why do Stains Keep Reappearing on Your Carpet?

Indeed, you like to keep your carpet clean, don’t you? However, there’s a problem. Every time you try to remove stains, they keep reappearing after a few days. Of course, it is backbreaking cleaning out the stains again. Well, here’s why the stains won’t just go away and what you should do about it.

There’s Too Much Soiling on Your Carpet

Never heard the term soiling before? Not to worry – this is a phrase used to refer to a situation where your carpet’s fibers harbor a significant amount of dirt. The primary cause of this problem is improper rinsing or blotting. As a result, your carpet becomes sticky, and after a couple of days, the stained area starts to draw dust and dirt.

Your quest to prevent soiling starts by cleaning your carpet correctly. You want to disentangle the fibers to reduce the likelihood of blotting after the carpet has dried. How do you do that? You should use the correct cleaner. You see, the best carpet cleaner should have enough power to provide deep cleaning. You want to be sure that the machine can remove all as much dirt as possible.

Choose a model that comes with moving brushes to scrub your carpet aggressively. Ensure that it has a soap dispenser too. Visit http://www.steaminsider.com/bissell-big-green/ to view one of the most powerful carpet cleaners and learn how it can help reduce soiling.


At times, when a staining liquid spills on your carpet, it leaks to the floor or underside. It, therefore, means that you can scrub off the stain, but the spill remains trapped under the carpeting. When this happens, you can expect that your carpet will reabsorb the spill and the stain will reappear within a few days.

Note – your carpet is likely to be prone to wicking if you didn’t allow it enough time to dry after washing.

One of the easiest (and efficient) ways to deal with wicking is to ensure that you wipe the carpet as soon as there is a spill. That way, you will make sure that the liquid doesn’t get to the underside of the rug. You may also want to hire a professional to clean your carpet if the problem persists.

In Conclusion

You have to clean your carpet properly if you want it to last. Stains can reduce durability and make your carpet look untidy. Also, you may consider cleaning the stained spot with warm water.


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