How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram?

Marketing on Instagram is one of the best ways to boost your brand. It helps you extend your reach to areas of the markets you never knew existed before, and it also makes you get known more quickly.

However, you can only do this if you have the right numbers for your account. These numbers include the right levels of engagement, the right number of followers and comments.

Today we look at Instagram followers, and answer the ultimate question, how many are enough for you to achieve your goals?

Instagram Follower Basics

Instagram followers are the users that decide to click on the “follow” button on your profile. Once they do this, they have access to your newsfeed, and they get all the information that you post.

The followers are also the users you can interact with. These are the ones you can send messages to en masse. Above all, they determine your standing in the Instagram world.

You need as many followers as you can, but what is the magical number? Various factors determine this decision.

Understand Your Goals

Your goals determine the number of followers that you go out to attract to your profile. If you plan to run a contest, then you might have a pre-defined number of contestants, this means you only seek to achieve this number of followers, say 2,000.

If you wish to make your account more visible, then the more the followers, the better. However, you don’t go for just any followers but the ones that are active – sharing, commenting and liking your posts.

If you plan to market your products on the platform, then you need to get as many followers as you can from the specific niche. For instance, if you deal with fashion products, then you need to get as many followers who are interested in beauty products.

Where Can You Get These Followers?

Instagram has a way to get followers, but the road down this method is rife with long days of tapping away at the platform, posting content after content and sleepless nights. You can do this the easiest way using Poprey, which has been reviewed on

Final Words

Having more Instagram followers comes with its benefits. You get to enjoy more exposure, and you also build your brand on the platform. However, you should understand how many followers you need to achieve your goals, and go out and get them.


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