Make Your Brand Discovered With Hashtags

You find yourself undiscovered on Instagram since your other posts bury your content quickly. That only makes sense, since feeds change quickly, and your only method of increasing each post’s exposure time is to use hashtags well. Yes, Instagram put that feature so that people can utilize them to its maximum potential, and you should. Now, you might be asking, “How do you hashtag?”

Brainstorm Keywords

Find out which are the popular keywords that people use to search and make sure that you pick ones that are relevant to your brand. The former is crucial since it will give you more exposure, which means more possibilities of getting followers. And the latter is necessary since you want to make sure you will get relevant followers as well.

Research Popular Hashtags

If you are unsure how exactly you will find out whether a hashtag is popular, worry not, since there are resources you can use. As an example, Iconosquare is a data analysis application which you can utilize to research trending hashtags. Check if #mensshoes or #menssneakers have more search counts. Next, you scan through people who make use of such tags to determine whether your image fits with that community.

Collect Both Big-hit Tags and Specific Tags

A generic tag such as #shoes alone may have a high search count, but your content will likely get lost if you utilize that. You may have to think of a popular hashtag that is also specific, which could narrow your target audience and also keep you ahead of the game.

Create Your Individual Hashtag

Although it is neat to make use of already trendy hashtags, you also have the option of creating a unique hashtag. Well, this may have the prerequisite of already having a follower base, but it does work. Especially if you are good at advertising your products.

Bots Make Use of Hashtags

Just to convince you further, bots also benefit from proper hashtag use. Their search functions depend on the hashtag, so if you have intentions of utilizing automation for a boost in productivity, you have to make the most out of the hashtag system. If you are curious about finding an ideal bot to start with, try FollowAdder, since The Small Business Blog reviewed it and it is reliable.


It takes only a few steps to use hashtags properly. First, you brainstorm keywords and then you research which ones are popular. Next, you may want to aim for specific, yet big-hit hashtags. An alternative is to utilize individual hashtags for your brand.


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