Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Every time you notice that tummy bulging, those thighs thundering and those arms moving ridiculously when you run or dance on Christmas Eve, one practice is normally decided (by most people) – losing weight is your New Year’s Resolution.

Thoughts regarding weight loss come to us in an instant and we just cannot wait to get started and look like we always desired to. And that, dear readers, is the initiation of your desperate search for fad diets on the web and the unplanned regimes that come along with them.

What is a ‘fad diet’?

Basically, a fad diet is a weight loss plan that promises you to help you with losing weight quickly. These diets are usually followed by people who lack time management and to those who cannot give their body mere 50 minutes every day. These diets appeal to people who seek shortcuts to physical transformation.

Following are some ‘fad diets’ that are currently trending around the globe:

Low Carbohydrate Diets

Feature: Little or no carbohydrates included meal plans.

Examples: The Atkins New Diet Revolution, Sugar Busters Diet, the Protein Power Diet.

High Carbohydrate – Low Fat Diets

Feature: Concentrate on high carbohydrates consumption and little or no fat consumption.

Examples: The Ornish Diet, the Pritkin Principle Diet, the Good Carbohydrate Diet

Liquid Diets

Feature: Little or no consumption of solid foods and more

Examples: Juice Cleansing Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Slim-Fast Diet

Why fad diets dont work

Why Do Fad Diets Don’t Work?

They are based on drastic cut down of calorie consumption

Diets that promise quick results often offer starvation-based meal plans. What they don’t mention is that our bodies are not designed for drastic changes in such short periods of time. An average person can, healthily, lose only about two to three lbs of fat per week and if they manage to lose more – it is a health risk.

Yes to ‘special’ foods, no to enjoyment

Potential weight losers are always on their toes as they have to stick to the specifics of their fad diet which includes the consumption of special products provided by that particular diet. Consumption of conventional food is a sin to such weight losers and it not only keeps them on their toes, but also makes them dismiss the enjoyment of a shared meal with friends and family.

Fad diets replace experts and doctors

Your doctor may conduct an evaluation of your Body Mass Index, height, weight, health conditions and risk factors whereas a fad diet is unable to do so. The diet only gives you tips and conditions to be followed without considering your lifestyle, health goals and state of mind. Therefore, this con substantially lets dieters down.

Barring of fats, carbohydrates and sugars

Fad diets are universally popular but they have a special appeal to the younger age group (16-24). What the young dieters fail to understand is that their bodies are still growing hence; barring fats, sugars and carbohydrates completely is not advisable as per dietary standards. Instead, portion-based measured food intake which includes vegetables, fruits, lean meat and whole grains work the best.

In conclusion, healthy portion controlled food is better than banning foods!

Demand of exclusive supplements

Dieting pills, powders and supplements do give you a specific loss – of money and NOT weight! Such exclusive products do not have scientific studies backing up their claims of increasing metabolism and low food craving pills; therefore they provide no guarantee of their credibility to the consumer. Besides, some supplements contain laxatives that force the consumer’s body to eliminate more water from the body which literally means –

  1. Trouble.
  2. You lose the water weight from your body, not your actual weight or fats.


It must be understood that natural weight loss must be attempted after collaborating with your doctor and your fitness trainer, if you have one. If you plan to hit the gym, hire a trainer and inform him/her about your health goals.

Consulting experts is the best resort than abusing your body off important foods due to fad diets!


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