Different Types Of Welding Helmets That Are Important For Welding

There are many different types of work in which helmet plays an important role, one of them is welding. It is very risky and can be hazardous for your body especially for face if you weld without a helmet. So, to overcome this problem you can have welding helmets. It will help you in reducing the work risk and will also protect your face. As per the safety act, it is necessary for every worker to wear it at the time of working. These days’ many different types of advanced helmets are available in the market that you can have. They provide you a better view for working and are much more protective.

In fact, many of them also come with technical specifications and have a number of control buttons through which you can manage it and can work effectively without any problem. They are costly but they can be used as an alternative in place of other normal helmets. They are important because every welding process carries different risks and each type of welding emits different types of light while working. So, to reduce its impact and to protect your eyes from light and brightness it is necessary to wear them. From the recent reports it has been studied that a number of welders lost their seeing power due to this work. The light that is emitted is very strong and powerful and can make you blind.

These days, most of the helmets are coming with brightness setting option with which you can set the brightness level as per your requirement. So, at the time of removing you do not feel any type of problem due to the excess light. Keeping all these things in mind you should always buy helmets and should also follow some other tips which will make your selection effective.

Types of helmets

Auto-darkening helmets: These are the advanced helmets that come with the latest technology in it. They are high light reactive helmets and they normally have 8-13 shades. They have sensors in them due to which the shades get changed automatically. As soon as the arc starts striking, they get active and they change accordingly to the requirement. They are user friendly and expensive but they are protective than typical helmets.

Passive helmets: These are the normal helmets that every welder uses and they are being in use from a long period of time. This helmet is worn in an up position and when the worker starts working the helmet gets fit into its original position. They are very cost efficient and they usually have 10 shades.


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