Christian Dating Shouldn’t Be Hard

Christian dating is one of the ways that a Christian can get a marriage partner. Christians from all occupations have different beliefs when it comes to dating and marriage. Today we look at the top mistakes Christians make when they start dating.

Only Looking in the Inner Circle

It is easy to turn to your fellow Christians and inner circle of friends to find advice and connections. You need to try to look in other places. Online dating sites have come of age, and we have sites that are exclusive for Christians to meet and connect. Why not try one out?

Moving Too Quickly

It is very tempting to move too quickly especially if you think you are getting older. Many Christians forget the romance part and go directly to the marriage part.

Try and enjoy knowing each other before moving to the next stage. You will know when love means forever! Remember that marriage is a gift from God; you should not rush right into it. Click to read more about the first date, and how to be ready.

Forgetting about Friendship

Some Christians forget to build a friendship first and instead jump right into the romantic part of the relationship. Most relationships succeed because the two started out as friends before progressing to a romantic relationship. If the rest doesn’t work out, and you are friends, then the friendship can form the basis of a great relationship.

Not Putting God First

Dating can be a lot of fun and can make you forget all about God. Remember to always put God first in whatever you do in the relationship. Pray together, attend church together and seek God’s guidance in the relationship. This will form a strong basis for the relationship and strengthen it.

Not Being Yourself

Just because you are now dating doesn’t mean you put aside your values and become something else. Your partner might think that you were pretending to get him. What you need to do is to remain true to yourself. Well, you might have many expectations especially when it comes to online dating, but just be yourself whatever happens.

Dating can be tough, even with your faith and friends that help you out. Even if it is hard, you should not lose confidence in yourself. Make sure you love yourself and remain loyal to your beliefs.

All in All

As a Christian, dating isn’t as hard as you think. With the right preparation, you can enjoy dating like other people do.


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