How to Buy a Genuine Designer Handbag

How to Buy Genuine Designer Wedding Handbag

Your big day is coming up in a couple of weeks. Of course, you want to look stylish and trendy. You’ve even booked a wedding singer to keep your guests entertained. Speaking of singers, The Wedding Singer is an excellent place to start if you haven’t found one who has what it takes to spruce up your ceremony.

Moving on – choosing a genuine designer handbag is not as easy. Purchasing a bag by Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Chanel takes more than just picking one from a departmental or online store.

If you are the type who likes to save money on every purchase, the lure to buy your handbag from an online discount site, a secondary market or a consignment shop remains high. While you may take it as a gamble, chances are you might end up with a knockoff designer handbag, which in essence means wasting, if not losing your money.

So, how do you spot a knockoff designer bag? Here’s how;

Understand the Difference between a Knock off and a Genuine Handbag

While a less known designer may make a genuine handbag, focus on the high-end designers. You’re more likely going to get a knockoff designer bag if you choose to go with less known designers.

Avoid a “designer inspired” handbag because that does not make it a real copy. In most cases, such bags imitate the style and colors of a genuine handbag but deviate from the original design to avoid copyright infringement.

Even though a designer inspired bag may sport some similarities with the authentic, it won’t claim to be the actual designer handbag. Without close inspection, a designer inspired handbag could easily pass for an original.

Note that designer labels do not allow street vendors to sell designer handbags. It is almost impossible to get a designer wedding bag from a street vendor. Beware of stores claiming to be an “authorized” seller of a particular brand Chances are they are selling designer inspired bags.

The Price and the Place to Buy

While you may not be able to spot the difference between a knockoff designer handbag and an original one at a glance, you need to be realistic about the price. A designer bag will most probably cost you a tidy sum since it is well created and is a symbol of status. If the price is too reasonable to be true, the handbag is most likely a fake one.

The price of knockoff designer handbags may differ considerably from cheap to expensive. It is against the law to make counterfeit merchandise and to buy it, in essence, means that you are supporting an illegal business.

The best place to buy a real designer handbag is from a renowned outlet. Be on the lookout for franchise stores and quality departmental stores. At the very least, the staff of the shop should be in a position to answer questions about quality, the pedigree, and quality guarantee.

Know the Signs of a Knockoff Designer Handbag

Below is a list of some things to check to discover if the handbag you are holding is a real designer handbag or a knockoff.

  • Stitches – A fake handbag will have poorly done stitches unlike a designer handbag that has quality stitching.
  • Tags and Labels – Knockoff designer bags have no name on the inside tags. Check the outside tags too because most designers include authenticity labels there as well.
  • Material – The leather should smell like leather while durable canvas should be sturdy and well stitched.
  • Logo – Knockoff handbags have names that are differently spelled such as Dolce & Gabanna instead of Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Serial Number – This is inside the handbag. While knockoff handbag may still have serial numbers, the font is different.
  • Lining – A designer handbag will most of the times have a leather lining.

Happy wedding day! May you live happily ever after!


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