Benefits of Telecommuting for the Productivity

Years ago, working from home was unheard of. Right now, it is the future of work. There has been a shift in the workforce to include remote work, and most companies are embracing this concept because of the many benefits that are very clear. Let us look at some of them.

Increased Productivity

It is estimated that employers lose millions every year in productivity. This results from distractions such as gossip, commuting and health issues.  As time goes by, workers are finding it more difficult to hit maximum productivity in a standard office environment. According to research, over 50 percent of employees believe that remote working would increase their productivity.

More than two-thirds of managers have also reported an increase in productivity for remote workers. This is because remote work eliminated the distractions found in a traditional office setup, thus improving efficiency. Telecommuting allows workers to save time and improve their overall health, and you can read about productivity straight from the source.

Good for Health and Environment

On average, most employees spend at least one hour to get to and from work. Telecommuting is an excellent way to improve the general wellbeing of employees by ensuring that they have enough time to relax before and after work. This results in active and healthy lifestyles that lower stress levels and absenteeism.

Convenient for the Older Generation

As life expectancy and the cost of living increase, more people are reaching their retirement age with inadequate or no savings. As a result, most people are choosing to delay their retirement to the 70’s. Telecommuting gives this generation of employees an opportunity to extend their working years without having to face the hassle of commuting on a daily basis. They can easily go for checkups and do other personal things without interfering with the work schedule.

Reduced Costs

The agenda of every business, however big is to keep the costs to a minimum. Telecommuting is one of the great ways to reduce operating costs. Companies can save millions of money annually by implementing sound telecommuting policies.  They can easily eliminate costs for office supplies, coffee, janitorial services and furniture.

Low Employee Turnover

The average cost of onboarding an employee is very high. If your organization is experiencing high turnover, you can solve this problem by introducing telecommuting which provides better work-life balance.

The Bottom-line

With more and more companies embracing this trend, it may be the best option for the future of work. Some countries see this as a way of life and no longer stick to traditional workplace policies. It is a great step in ensuring that employees remain happy and productive. These benefits make telecommuting an essential component of every business. Depending on the industry you are in, you might want to consider remote working to ensure that your workforce remains productive.


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